MUST-CHUP bottles

If you like ketchup and you like mustard, then you will love Must Chup!

Cook, marinade, spread, or dip, the choice is yours.

Must Chup is the perfect combination of tomato and mustard and comes in three delicious flavours. Original offers a mild and balanced taste, Kick is made with Jalapeño chillis which gives a mild to medium heat and Big Kick is made with Habanero chilli for an extra hot taste. We’ve just launched Bad Boy Kick which has 27% more Habanero chillis for an extra, extra hot kick.

Ideal served straight from the bottle as a side sauce to all meats, fish, English breakfasts, bacon sandwiches or even canapé food. You can also cook with Must Chup in dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, sausage casserole, steak pie or pasta / vegetarian bakes.

When the sun’s out, our Must Chup sauces make a perfect BBQ marinade.

Sorry our Must Chup original is so popular we’ve sold out, more stock is expected at the end of September.

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Beef wellington MUST-CHUP with tomatoes and mustard MUST-CHUP with burger and chips Wrap with avocado MUST-CHUP with sausages Spaghetti Bolognese MUST-CHUP with fish and chips Chicken wrap MUST-CHUP with chips MUST-CHUP with grapes and cheese

Sorry our Must Chup Original is so popular we’ve sold out, more stock is expected at the end of September Dismiss