Christmas with Must Chup: recipes, presents and things to do

December has arrived and I don’t know about you but it feels like this year has absolutely flown by. The weather has got colder recently (a chilly -5 the other morning) and it’s feeling more like winter and it’s just over 3 weeks until Christmas. The lights in the town look pretty and cheerful now it is darker.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

We’ve put together some ideas for Christmas recipes, Christmas presents and things to do around Tunbridge Wells.

Christmas Recipes

How to use Must Chup over the festive period

Must Chup works really well with beef casserole or stew and great as a side sauce with honey roast ham on Boxing Day. How about adding it to meat loaf, toad in the hole or sausage rolls? It adds an extra kick to pork belly and a flavour enhancer for winter tomato soup.

Gifts for food enthusiasts and chefs

Some different Christmas present ideas

Things to see and Places to visit

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Merry New Year!

Andrew and the Must Chup team

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