MUST-CHUP bottles

The story of MUST-CHUP

Here the MUST CHUP creators, Mark and Andrew Salter, brothers, food lovers and big kids themselves, tell you about the history of their delicious recipe and their idea behind launching it…

Andrew Salter

Andrew Salter

Remember the excitement of hearing the school bell at the end of day?  Grabbing your PE kit and sprinting home on your tiptoes so you could make it in time for your favourite programme. Kicking off your shoes and jumping onto the sofa upside down until it was time for tea.

It could have been fish fingers or sausages but one thing was for sure, it was going to get smothered in tonnes of ketchup. Remember holding the bottle in your hands and watching the slow trickle of red goo as it piled up on your plate? Then came the satisfying dunk of a chip and the heavenly taste.

One of our fondest memories was the mayhem of family dinner times at the table, of which table sauces were a big feature. We loved the art of ketchup dunking and wanted to bring it back, yet make it relevant for adults. We can’t make you, or us young again, but we can give you a tasty sauce that will propel you and your taste buds back to the good old days. Because sometimes it’s perfectly ok to be a big kid and get stuck into some good honest grub.

Mark Salter

Mark Salter

MUST CHUP is a new sauce that makes it ok to have it with everything, because it goes with everything; fish and chips, burger and chips, chicken and chips, (you think this is all going to be with chips don’t you), well how about sausages, steak, pasta, stews, roasted vegetables, fishcakes, Spaghetti bolognaise, ice cream (ok we lied about the last one, but you get the idea).

So, you are probably wondering, what is this MUST CHUP? Really? You’re thinking that? It’s called MUST CHUP, what do you think it is?

Yes it’s a blend of proper tomato ketchup and mustard but not as sweet as ketchup and not as hot as mustard. The perfect hybrid of two ingredients, like Bat-man or Water-balloons.

You want to try some? MUST CHUP is available to purchase here on this site, or through our much loved stockists (see where to buy page) and find a store local to you. They may even give you a taste of MUST CHUP before you buy,
so it’s well worth visiting one of these south east stores.

MUST CHUP. Best of both worlds.

With best regards,

Andrew and Mark Salter